Product Line

ESX – Emergency Light


  • Zone 1&2, Zone 21&22
  • Built-in maintenance-free battery pack, the battery will be charged automatically when power is supply.
  • And it will will be in emergency light when the power fails.
  • The lamp head can be rotated around 270° from top to bottom, with wide lighting range.
  • Easy to install
  • LED indicator of main, charge, fault to easy to know the status of the light.
  • Self inspections annual month. And test button for testing any time for user.
  • Equipped with an explosion-proof buzzer with a
    65dB-85dB voice. When the product is in fault status, the buzzer will work 1-3s every minute to remind the user to maintain the product.
Product Details
Mounting Styles Pendant Mount; Ceiling Mount; Wall Mount
Conduit Entries G 3/4"
Lamp Wattages 2*3
Voltages 85 ~ 240 V 50 Hz
Housing Material Die-casting aluminum with epoxy coated
Bolts and Screws Material Stainless steel
Globe Material Heat resistant tempered glass
Gasket Material Silicon rubber

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